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How to Maximize the Rebate Dollars You Put Back into Your Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility
As the COVID pandemic has put tremendous financial pressure on skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and LTC facilities, the ability to maximize profits and improve efficiencies has never been more crucial.
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SRX Chief Strategy Officer Erik Reaveley on SNN Voices
SRX Chief Strategy Officer Erik Reaveley recently talked with Skilled Nursing News (SNN) to discuss why managing pharmacy spend is key during COVID-19, how the right technology can help skilled nursing facility operators (SNF) capture…
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3 Opportunities For Managing Costs At Veterans Homes
Insights on Managing Pharmacy Spend and Controlling Drug Costs Veterans homes, long-term care (LTC), and other health providers serving Medicare Part A populations face unique challenges when it comes to controlling and managing costs. In…
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LTC Partners: Vital to Pandemic Recovery
Troy Bell is the CEO of nine long-term care facilities in Idaho. He has seen the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic but has found a solution for financial success. That’s SRX.
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Long-Term Care Solutions for 2021
The long-term care (LTC) industry is in a period of existential crisis. COVID-19 has had acute, sustained, and adverse effects on resident populations impacting occupancy. More importantly, the pandemic created population-wide narrative and perception issues…
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How to Manage Medication Handoffs as an LTC Provider
New White Paper by SRX’s Paula Agoglia Our own Paula Agoglia, Senior Vice President of Business Development, recently teamed up with Integrated Care Solutions’ Dana Strauss, VP of Partner Engagement, and Dr. Ken Donovan from…
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Skilled Nursing News Webinar: Operating in the Extended and Post COVID World
On Nov. 10, 2020, Scott Taylor, CEO at SRX, sat down with other leaders in the long-term care industry to talk with Alex Spanko, editor at Skilled Nursing News, about the future and the ongoing…
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SRX’s Partnership Approach to Helping Long-Term Care Operators Succeed
We are doing everything in our power to provide the tools, technology and knowledge our customers need to lower costs and build thriving businesses. We recently sat down with Eddie Bangerter, CEO, and Kelly Snowball, COO, at Rocky Mountain Care to talk about the impact of our partnership on their pharmacy spend, as well as other aspects of their operations.
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Ways to Safely Connect with Loved Ones in SNFs this COVID Holiday
The second wave of the pandemic is causing even more isolation and depression for those in nursing homes. Compounded by the holiday season, families are struggling to connect with loved ones. Here are ways to show loved ones that they aren’t alone.
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