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Why You Need To Be Thinking About OTC Management at Your LTC Facilities
…And What Makes it One of the Easiest Ways to Lower Costs
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Is Your LTC Facility Missing Out on the Benefits of Health Tech?
Operators behind the technology curve could be wasting valuable time and resources The rapid pace of technological improvements continues to fuel the development of novel solutions in the long-term care industry. These new products and…
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See How SRX is Tackling the Problem of Rising Drug Costs
This New Documentary Shows How SRX’s Technology and Advisors Are Helping Employers and LTC Facilities Lower Net Costs Year after year, drug costs continue to rise across the healthcare continuum. From hospitals to long-term care…
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5 Ways to Take Control of LTC Facility Drug Costs
Learn How LTC Operators Are Lowering Their Drug Costs Through Tech and Outsourcing Greater control of drug costs is vital to improving your long-term care and skilled nursing facility’s profitability and financial stability. As one…
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Why Is a Good Pharmacy Relationship Critical for Long-Term Care Operators?
Prescription drug costs account for a significant portion of long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facilities’ expenses. Consequently, facility operators seeking to improve their bottom line should understand how their LTC pharmacy relationship impacts their…
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How SRX Can Help Your LTC Facility With Healthcare Outsourcing
Long-term care operators know first-hand the complex behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a facility, particularly in the middle of a pandemic. Burnout is real and widespread, even among administrative staff. One of the greatest…
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3 Places Where Excess LTC Drug Costs Are Hiding in Plain Sight
LTC operators could be missing out on significant savings Aside from labor costs, pharmacy spend is one of the most costly parts of running a long-term care (LTC) or skilled nursing facility (SNF). It is…
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Scott Taylor’s Solutions for Long-Term Care in 2022
The Great Resignation, ongoing supply chain issues, and unpredictable regulation make for an interesting 2022, but we have the opportunity to begin turning the ship around in long-term care. The last two years have shown…
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SNN Voices Interview with SRX Co-Founder & CEO Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic led SRX to develop a revolutionary employee benefit program: Arc The problem: Pharmaceuticals in long-term care are one of the largest cost centers with an almost impenetrable degree…
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