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How to Simplify LTC Prescription Drug Spend with Adjudication
Software Automation Transforms Pharmacy Bill Transparency. Are you a long-term care (LTC) administrator charged with enforcing pharmacy contract terms and pricing?  If so, we feel for you. The sheer number of line items on a…
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How to Increase Transparency in Your Pharmacy Relationship to Ensure Compliance
Part Four: Increase Transparency in Your LTC Pharmacy Relationship to Ensure Compliance If you have been following our series on improving transparency in your long-term care (LTC) pharmacy relationship, you understand that LTC facilities have…
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Saving Costs Through Increased Transparency in Your Pharmacy Relationship
Part Three: Achieve Pharmacy Costs Savings Through Transparency As a skilled nursing facility or nursing home operator or administrator, you know that managing medications for your residents is not only complicated, it’s costly. So costly,…
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Taking Back Time Through Transparency in LTC Pharmacy Management
Part Two: Achieve Transparency in LTC Pharmacy Management—Time is Money In Part One of our series in Achieving Transparency in LTC Pharmacy Management, we explored the three key areas most improved by greater transparency: time,…
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Intro to Transparency: Achieving Transparency in Long-Term Care Pharmacy Management
Long-term care (LTC) operators have long understood the impact of rising pharmacy costs on their bottom lines. These costs often represent the second-largest cost center for most operators. What most LTC operators may not fully…
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SRX’s Partnership has a ‘Trickle-Down Effect’ for LTC Operators
Tuvia Aizenberg on how SRX is a partner for financial success As a long-term care (LTC) operator, how do you ensure your facility is financially successful in the long term? Tuvia Aizenberg, VP of Operations…
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LTC Operator Sees 25% Net Reduction Opportunities on Pharmacy Spend with SRX
Download Case Study PDF With SRX’s robust pharmacy management software solutions for pricing proposal analysis, drug lookup, reconciliation, reporting and more, customers are able to save or recoup tens of thousands, if not millions of…
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SRX named one of the 10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021.
SRX has been named one of the 10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021 by The Silicon Review. This award recognizes companies that are making positive enhancements in the healthcare industry. SRX’s technology allows…
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Synergy Summit 2021 Event Recap: Thought Leaders from Across the PAC and LTC Industries Sound Off
With stunning mountain views as the backdrop at the Montage Deer Valley, Utah, Synergy Summit 2021 was the seminal educational event for C-Suite executives navigating the post-pandemic landscape for the post-acute care (PAC) and long-term…
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