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SRX named one of the 10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021.

SRX has been named one of the 10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021 by The Silicon Review. This award recognizes companies that are making positive enhancements in the healthcare industry.

SRX’s technology allows nursing homes and long-term care facilities to receive the lowest net cost on drug spend. Reporting tools are able to identify discrepancies that in turn improve efficiencies. Dedicated professionals with extensive backgrounds in long-term care (LTC), pharmacy, healthcare, analytics, and IT allow for SRX to be successful in benefiting skilled nursing and LTC environments. 

Scott Taylor, CEO, expressed his excitement for the recognition by stating, “It is wonderful to be named one of the 10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021—this is a recognition of not only an incredible lineup of products and services, but our team of dedicated specialists who make this company so amazing. There is always more work to be done and we are looking forward to continuing to serve as a leader in innovation for the healthcare sector.” 

SRX’s award and service offerings are highlighted in a featured article that discusses company capabilities as well as future endeavors. Taylor provides additional insight into the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare and pharmacy needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read the full Silicon Review article.

SRX is a technology and advisory company that helps LTC operators realize the lowest net cost on pharmacy spend. We help our customers improve drug utilization, manage pharmacy relationships, reduce costs and waste, and maximize rebates. We are committed to transparency and accountability and guarantee our quarterly rebates are paid on time, every time. Contact us at 833 633 6833.

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