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SNN Interview with SRX CEO, Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor, SRX founding partner and CEO, recently spoke with Skilled Nursing News about the beginnings of SRX and some of the key industry challenges that the company set out to solve when it developed its technology for managing pharmacy spend.

From the article, Taylor articulates, “This is an extremely complicated business with thousands of line items and a variety of pricing formats that is deeply complex and very, very difficult for operators to manage.” Five years later, SRX is helping some of the biggest operators in the industry to better control costs, manage pharmacy spend, and maximize rebates.

Technology and automation are key components of the SRX platform, but the expertise contributed by Taylor and other founding partners spans the breadth of the skilled nursing and long-term care industry including operations, pharmacy, insurance, finance, clinical, and technology. Bringing together these experts into a single, comprehensive solution puts clients and customers in full control of one of the largest cost centers for operators – pharmacy spend – and allows them to take charge of their pharmacy relationships.

As we continue to grow and look for new ways to serve our clients and the industry, this expertise, combined with a strong network including relationships providers, allows us to provide not only needed insight, but the tools to automate one of the key cost centers for operators.

Read Taylor’s full interview here.

SRX is a technology and advisory company that helps LTC operators realize the lowest net cost on pharmacy spend. We help our customers improve drug utilization, manage pharmacy relationships, reduce costs and waste, and maximize rebates. We are committed to transparency and accountability and guarantee our quarterly rebates are paid on time, every time. Contact us at 833 633 6833.

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