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Press Release: SRX Named One of the Fastest Growing Companies in 2022

August 17, 2022
Jennifer Diehl

Valley Stream, NY—SRX, a healthtech company that helps skilled nursing and long-term care facilities control their drug costs, has been named among The Silicon Review’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies 2022. The company has previously been recognized this year by NYC Health Business Leaders on their Digital Health 100 list of healthcare innovators. 

SRX’s solutions combine proprietary technology with a cohort of pharmacy industry specialists to analyze the data generated by pharmacy bills in long-term care (LTC) and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Their technology integrates drug databases, facility formularies, contract terms, and compliance considerations into a web-based dashboard that provides C-suite executives, administrators, and managers at LTC facilities with advanced insight into their drug spending and operations. SRX’s advisors work with facility staff to help improve workflows, identify errors, and correct discrepancies that allow facilities to lower costs.

Since 2017, the company has experienced rapid, ongoing growth as an innovator in the skilled nursing sector. Many of the largest operators of SNFs in the nation have adopted their technology. With an in-house development team, aided by experts in long-term care and the pharmaceutical industry, SRX has continued to advance its service offerings over the years and deliver its customers an advanced product that stands alone in the industry. 

Most recently, SRX announced a new line of service that allows customers to automate the identification of exclusions for certain managed care plans. When talking about this new service, Scott Taylor, CEO, said, “the manual approach to identifying these exclusions is prohibitively time-consuming, but automating the process and helping gather the necessary data for billing operators in a convenient dashboard will help facilities realize even greater savings through healthier reimbursements.”

“Everyone involved in the development of our technology and solutions has been crucial to SRX being able to deliver what’s an unrivaled service in the industry,” said Scott Taylor, CEO. “It’s been especially helpful this year for our customers to control their costs. There are new challenges, whether that’s supply chain issues, staffing, or rising costs, but we’re always looking to see how we can develop something that will help our customers.”

SRX is a unified drug cost management solution for long-term care operators. We achieve unrivaled drug cost savings by combining our proprietary technology with expert advisors. SRX’s solutions automate drug rebates, optimize pharmacy management practices, increase managed care exclusion reimbursements, and provide cost-effective employee prescription benefits. SRX guarantees quarterly rebates are paid on time, every time, with no out-of-pocket cost.

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